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The expansive vision of Building Systems Network has made them innovators in the field, builders who have broken the tradition mold. Smereczynsky and his colleagues work tirelessly to span the massive communication gaps that so often exist between builders and consumers and certainly exist between modular manufacturers and homebuyers. Smereczynsky regularly attends building and home shows, offering seminars and panel discussions to educate consumers and dispel the shoebox image of modular building systems.

“Each systems built home is custom,” says Smereczynsky. “Consumers, when they visit our showroom, are overwhelmed at the opportunity as to what they could build with.” Systems built homes offer consumers the same flexibility in home design as site built homes. Building Systems Network, with more than 400 home plans to choose from, invites consumers to bring in their plans, they’ll make something work, and they’ve got more than 70 years combined experience to back it up.

Building Systems Network, in an effort to better market the modular systems product lines, has become a builder for a number of Southeastern modular systems facilities, including Destiny Homes, Mod-U-Kraf, Haven Homes, Discovery, Genesis and All-American Building Systems, whose product offerings range from single family homes to town homes and medical office facilities.

All of these facilities employ state of the art equipment and ergonomically sound operations, which allow builders to maximize man-hours while minimizing waste. The overall, according to Smereczynsky, is a home built with “control and quality; control in the structure and quality as a result.” These controlled environments and assembly line work-stations, as well as rigorous quality control inspections and strict adherence to national, state and local building codes means a quality product in a fraction of the time, a product done right the first time.

For Smereczynsky, to make things right on the inside, they have to be right from the start. The image of the project must be clear. As a builder, Smereczynsky takes every job personally. Seeing every home as a custom home, Smereczynsky and his staff take special stock in every project. “With systems built homes, consumers get quality and consistency,” offers Smereczynsky. “By having the major segments of the homes built in controlled environments, there is less waste, no weather damage, or contractor no-show to deal with.”

Building Systems Network boasts of homes that can be built as soon as ninety days from order. His first systems built home was turn-keyed in thirty days, a feat for which he and his crew were awarded considerable acclaim. There were “a few mistakes [building this home],” Smereczynsky states, “but not too many.” It is the inevitable mistakes that Smereczynsky and Building Systems Network strive to avoid in constructing a home. Building Systems Network homes are subject to multiple follow-up walk-throughs and stringent reviews by the staff quality control specialist. With facility warranties on the modules and the builder’s warranties, homeowners have twice as many opportunities to get warranty work done, when it needs doing that is.

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Smereczynsky’s philosophy is to work in unison with the homeowner. As a deeply spiritual individual, actively involved with the ministry and the spiritual community of Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville, Georgia, Smereczynsky beams proud of his faith and speaks of himself (and his colleagues) as “spirit filled in methods and practice.” The success of Building Systems Network is evidence enough of his ability to enrich and enlighten the lives of individuals in the community. His network urges builders, realtors and developers to explore the advantages of systems built homes. As builder and CEO of Building Systems Network, Grant Smereczynsky offers consumers more than just homes; he offers them an education. The success of BSN, and one could say perhaps of the resurgence of systems built homes regionally, lies partly in this open face-to-face communication. The communication breakthrough, however, lies more in the thorough and well-crafted online presence that informs the public and embraces the paradigm of the web savvy consumer.

The Building Systems Network maintains a “top website in the industry,” which has earned Smereczynsky and his staff numerous awards. “It is tough to leave the site not knowing what you are looking at,” he says. “Most of the marketing comes back to the website.” Nationally there are estimated to be nearly 100,000 monthly inquiries into modular building systems. Smereczynsky’s own site, a number one ranked site on many search engines, typically receives 800 to 2000 hits a month, “barely scratching the surface of this ‘big, big, big,’ topic.” With an online “clearing house of information,” a refined web presence and a successful communication system in place, the Building Systems Network will remain at the forefront of what some building forecasters predict may be a ten to twelve percent increase in systems built homes over the next few years. Building Systems Network has already seen a marked increase in sales of nearly ten percent, over the last five years. And, with two additional show rooms in the works, in Loganville and Canton, it is apparent that Smereczynsky and his staff of dedicated builders, designers, architects and consultants will be ready to manage the increase. But, the technology does not stop with the website and the experts. BSN’s design center also utilizes virtual presentations and a “photo octagon,” to inform people of the infinite potential of system’s built homes.

Such design center innovation has helped alter the existing notions of the manufactured homes. Building somewhere between thirty to forty homes per year, this breakthrough design center approach is paying off. In addition to a range of single-family homes, BSN is also building a dental office in Douglasville, GA and a 6000 square foot house near Lake Lanier that is incorporating raw timbers from a nineteenth century barn still on site; a recent appraisal suggests that this home, with no question, “exceeds [a] site built.”

A recent BSN Home built on Lake Lanier Atlanta Nov 04 BSN Reprint2.indd 5 11/17/04 10:15:03 AM Appraisers are not the only ones impressed by the soundness and structural stability of systems built homes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), after a review of homes destroyed or damaged by hurricane Andrew in Florida, found that “overall, relatively minimal structural damage was noted in modular housing developments.” In many cases, in Florida, site built homes fared the worst, often ranking behind systems built homes and mobile homes. These findings do, often times, vary depending on the overall quality and structure of the site built homes, but “The module-to-module combination of units,” according to FEMA, “appears to have provided an inherently rigid system that performed much better than residential framing…in both transverse and longitudinal directions.”

The added value of a systems built home, the “behind the wall stuff,” as Grant Smereczynsky calls it, is the same sort of value Building Systems Network offers consumers, the sort of integrity, honesty, service and commitment to communication that has made Grant Smereczynsky and his Building Systems Network an award-winning builder since 1998 and the leader in systems built home sales across North Georgia and the surrounding areas.

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